Thursday, June 2, 2011

2000-2002 Infiniti g20 Timing Belt or Chain?

Thinking of buying this car used between the years of 2000 to 2002. Does it use a timing belt or chain? Is a chain better than a belt? How often would you need to change either, and what estimate for the cost?

Any other remarks about this g20?2000-2002 Infiniti g20 Timing Belt or Chain?
You have a timing chain. Actually, there are three chains. Each head has a small chain that runs the two cams and then there is one that runs around both of the cam drives and this chain even drives the water pump.

Event is chains of rebels does exist because they don't break quite as easily. However, they do stretch quite a bit and the other flip side is that they are quite a bit noisier.

The approximate cost is about $400 give or take about 50 since we are going into the front of the motor and there's always the possibility of broken parts. It's not that we expect this to happen, but sometimes it does, so you are better off with a quote bearing a safety net.

G20s are okay cars, but they are a bit underpowered. Of course the flip side to that is greater economy.

You could always rationalize it this way: it's probably capable of maintaining any speed limit in this country. If someone were looking for a high-performance vehicle, they would not be looking at one of these anyway. Infiniti is a great car, hi line of Nissan. You get a lot for your money, and they last a long time.2000-2002 Infiniti g20 Timing Belt or Chain?
G20 has a Timing chain.

Timing chain is a better choice for long service life, it can last a really long time. But it is more noisy, heavier and less efficient than the alternative of timing belt.

The alternative of timing belt, which G20 does NOT have, but some other comparable cars do, is that it is cheaper to make, and maybe lighter and more efficient for power... but it doesn't last as long, and if you don't replace it at the right time (perhaps 80k-100k miles for Dodge 2.2L, the only one I know from experience) then breaking of the belt means fatal problems when pistons hit valves left stuck open.

In comparison when a timing chain gets old, maybe it gets a bit loose and sloppy, and valves open a little slower and later than they should, but they don't hit pistons and don't blow your motor it keeps running but not as efficient as it could be with some service.2000-2002 Infiniti g20 Timing Belt or Chain?
Timing chain. You dont need to replace. I know this for a fact because my Dad owns an Infiniti dealership!

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