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How do I fix timing on a 97 expedition?

I recently had to change the head gaskets on my 97 ford expedition and had to take the 2 heads to a shop to get repaired and checked for warps anyways I finished putting everything back together and now it wont start it is obviously a timing problem because when I put it back together the timing chains were taken off and put back not in their original position %26quot;my father actually put the chains on I did the rest%26quot; as he has more know how about timing but he put them on wrong my question is how do I go about finding the correct position to put the 2 timing chains as they are completely off time and I cant take it to a shop because im piss poor broke for now %26quot;damn economy%26quot; any help is appreciatedHow do I fix timing on a 97 expedition?
First off, like already mentioned, these engines ARE interference engines meaning that valves WILL touch pistons if valve timing is off. With that in mind, you better hope that you haven't damaged valves.

To time these engines correctly, yes there are specific tools that are dedicated for the purposes of holding the cams and cranks into position for this procedure. But in absence of those tools (which I'm assuming is the case), this would be best done with two people on hand. First turn the engine over to the point where cylinder 1 is at TDC (it will be marked on the timing cover). Next, you'll need to remove both valve covers, the crankshaft pulley (which requires use of a bolt-grip type puller which I'm sure you know already) and then finally the timing chain cover. Remove both timing chain tensioners and compress them CAREFULLY in a vise, using a tiny flat blade screwdriver to push on the lock tabs as you compress it. Finally, insert a paper clip into the holes to hold them into the released position when you remove them from the vise. Now remove both timing chains. The crankshaft sprocket should be set where the mark is on the 6 o'clock position. You will now fold one chain exactly in half. On a 4.6L engine, you will mark one link with some kind of paint that won't rub off easily. And then you will mark the other end link with the same paint. The procedure is identical for a 5.4L engine except, you will mark one link with paint on the one end, and you will mark the two links at the opposite end. You will now begin with the driver side bank of cylinders and install the chain with the painted mark on the one link oriented with the mark on the crankshaft's INNER sprocket (so that this mark is at the 6 o'clock position). You will now have an assistant CAREFULLY rotate the driver side cam to where the dot on the cam sprocket is at approximately the 1 o'clock position, using either an 18mm wrench on the sprocket bolt, or a pair of vise-grips on the cam itself if it has the one-piece pressed on style of sprocket. BE CAREFULL WHEN THIS IS DONE, AS THE CAM IS UNDER TENSION. Next, have the assistant install the other end of the chain with the painted mark lined up with the dot on the sprocket (two painted marks if it's the 5.4L engine). Make sure the chain maintains this orientation as you reinstall the timing chain tensioner and torque the two 10mm bolts. Now verify that the chain is in proper time and pull the paper clip out in order to apply tension to the chain. Now repeat this step with the passenger side bank, with the chain installed on the outer sprocket on the crankshaft, and with the dot on the cam sprocket at approximately the 10 or 11 o'clock position. Once installed, reinstall the crank sensor ring onto the crankshaft, and then the timing chain cover and crankshaft pulley. Before reinstalling the valve covers, turn the engine over by hand using an 18mm socket and johnson bar on the crank pulley bolt. This is to ensure you haven't damaged any valves. Reinstall the valve covers and start engine to check for leaks or other issues. Hope this helps.How do I fix timing on a 97 expedition?
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How do I fix timing on a 97 expedition?
Not that it was too long to post. Rather I was pressed for time and could not copy it down for ya.

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How do I fix timing on a 97 expedition?
My friend, I hope you haven't damaged the valves, if the chains are off then most likey you have. In order to time the motor, on a 5.4 you must have a timing chain tool kit that has the crankshaft holding tool and the camshaft timing tools, with out them you will never get it timed right, a 4.6 has copper colored links and with the the crank on top dead center and align the linksHow do I fix timing on a 97 expedition?
Haynes manual has the procedure complete with pics.

cost ya $20 at the parts store.

toolong procedure and need pics to post here.
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