Thursday, June 2, 2011

Timing Chain?

how often does the timing chain in GM's 3800 v6 need to be changed. I know with an OHC belt it needs to be changes 100k+ but this is a chain its stronger.Timing Chain?
With proper oil changes, it will outlast the rest of the engine. Should not need changing.Timing Chain?
Why do you want to change your timing chain?

Unlike the belt the timing chain makes noise wen it gets bad.

Your vehicle has little over 100 K, you may drive that car without changing the chain ever, or it may give up next day.

If you have your vehicle's manual, in the maintenance section they talk about when you need to change the belt/chain, but still, no one would know when would a chain brake.

Good luck!Timing Chain?
You should never have to replace the timing chain except when you rebuild the engine.

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