Thursday, June 2, 2011

I long will this poor maintained car last?

Im the owner i never did any required tune up.already has 100,000 miles. has a timing chain. has been driven real hard its a Pontiac vibe gt . So how long do you thinks it going to last. I did a oil change not to long ago it was kinda black and stiff. But all i do with the car is an oil change.I long will this poor maintained car last?
As far as I know, Pontiac never put an expiration date on the Vibe.

With the Vibe, the first tune-up wasn't due until 100,000 miles. So you aren't really late. If it requires a tune-up, do it now. All you really do is change the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

As for the engine, this vehicle uses a POS Toyota engine. This POS Toyota engine has the same sludge problems that the Toyota cars have. Even well maintained Toyota engine are prone to sludge problems. I would run some engine flush through the engine oil before your next oil change. Follow the instructions on the container.

Try this. Open your favorite Internet search page. Search for %26quot;Toyota Sludge%26quot;, without the quotes. You will see what I mean by this engine having severe sludge problems.

In the future, seeing this vehicle has a POS Toyota engine, I would use engine flush every other oil change to try to reduce the amount of engine sludge found in these engines. Also, change the PCV valve with every oil change as these can clog with sludge.

The timing chain in newer engines are designed to last longer than they used to. It was mostly the engines that used a timing belt that had the problems. The manufacturers liked the timing belts because they made less noise. However timing belts were prone to early failure. So they went back to timing chains which last longer.I long will this poor maintained car last?
**** ! an American car with 100.000 you should be happy already DudeI long will this poor maintained car last?
u need to do brakes trans fluid engine coolant and all that other stuffI long will this poor maintained car last?
Miserable Git, what are you talking about, I haven't had an American car die before 150K...get a clue before posting this rubbish. BTW, this %26quot;American%26quot; car has a Toyota motor, so look silly.I long will this poor maintained car last?
the vibe is indestructible. it is a toyota but made in cali

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