Thursday, June 2, 2011

White smoke coolant loss?

I am tearing down my engine to change the head gasket. Upon removing the timing chain cover i was wondering if water could be leaking past the gasket on it. If so it could be going into the oil pann and thats is how it is getting into the cylinder. How can I tell if it is?White smoke coolant loss?
don r has it right but be sure to clean any dirt/carbon by vacuuming the space where piston rides the cylinder walls.That dirt can tear up rings quick.White smoke coolant loss?
I would think that you might have a crack in the engine block or heads .I don't know how many miles you got on the engine but it would just be easier to get a rebuilt engine and put in.This way you have a good engine for another so many miles along with a warranty.But if you do go that way get a long block it comes with the head or heads.The engine block would have to be magnaflexed to find a crack either in the heads or engine block.You can get a better deal going with a new engine or rebuilt type.hgm20002000@yahoo.comWhite smoke coolant loss?
You are going to change the oil after you put the engine back together. That's just what you do. Any adulterants will go away with the old oil. Timing chains use the same oil as the rest of the engine. Coolant can escape wherever a bad head gasket is leaking and you will see where that is when you take off the head. Get some sleep. Fix it tomorrow.

Have the head magnafluxed or alumifluxed (if aluminum) to make sure it has no cracks. Have it checked to make sure it isn't warped. You're doing too much work to leave any of this to chance. Wire brush the combustion chambers and piston crowns to clear out carbon.White smoke coolant loss?
I actually had the exact same problem with a 1994 Ford Escort. One day it started blowing out lots of white smoke. I took off the valve cover to see what the oil looked like and the whole inner side of the valve cover was covered with a white and oily slimy mixture. It was probably because I actually had a blown head gasket...because a few months later the engine overheated and messed up the sleeve bearings in the block. All because ALL of the radiator fluid had either evaporated or gotten into the oil.

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