Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is it time to change our attitudes?

This is my opinion, but I feel that the majority of humans are ignorant to the fact that there are 100's of 1000's of other differant life forms that we have to share this planet with. Many of them were here long before humans came along. I understand that we are at the top of the food chain, because of our superior inteligance, but at the end of the day we are surviving in the way that we know how, just like a worm or beetle does. yet we consider the worm, beetle insect small animal to be totaly insignificant. Do you think it is possible to change the human attitude, and convince ourselves that this just isn't out planet, and we have to share it?Is it time to change our attitudes?
the problem with us humans is that we don't adapt like other species of animal. all other animals that share our planet adapt to suit their environment. hence polar bears are white while grizzlies are brown. tigers, which live in the jungles, are stripey while lions, who generally live in desert/tundra colourless places, are a boring tan colour.

but us ..... we adapt our environment to suit ourselves. and this is an attitude that needs to be changed. because if we continue with this, we're going to destroy (and very soon) the delicate balance of life on this planet and make it inhabitable not just for ourselves, but for the millions of other animals who live here.

i read an article yesterday about stampeding elephants in bangladesh. about 15 people a year die because of this, and the villagers always try to scare them off with lights and fireworks and stuff. the reason the elephants stampede through a village? HUMAN ENCROACHMENT ON NATURAL HABITATS.

how to change this attitude? education. listening to envirnomentalists. destroy the monetary system. stop industry. remove greed from the human character.

really, we're the parasites that agent smith said we are.Is it time to change our attitudes?
You are so right. I love you. You got it right.Is it time to change our attitudes?
Humans?Is it time to change our attitudes?
RIGHT ON BROTHER! Save the worms!

%26quot;E.T. Phone home.%26quot;Is it time to change our attitudes?
i wouldnt worry so much about the other life forms here on earth... after the coming nuclear war... all cockroaches will ruleIs it time to change our attitudes?
No, it is not the time to change, as this is my sleeping time. Talk to me after I rise up from my sleep.Is it time to change our attitudes?
Try getting out more often and talking to a real person.Is it time to change our attitudes?
Wow! I was thinking the EXACT same thing! I think often we take ourselves too much as superior. I believe all the creatures are different and contribute something wonderful and unique, we just haven't discovered it all yet. I totally agree with you though..Is it time to change our attitudes?
its almost too late this should have been done 100 years ago, keep trying to convince everyone,we may get lucky if enough do itIs it time to change our attitudes?
may the force be with youIs it time to change our attitudes?
I'm really sorry but i find it hard to imagine really caring about a worm or a beetle getting squashed as much as i would care if it was a human or worse yet a child getting hurt call me shallow but that's just how i feel but i do appreciate your opinion after all someone has to care about the worms......btw i don't go out off my way to hurt or kill insects or any other life form on this earth but if my child was about to get hit by a car and i had to stand on a few bugs to get to her in time then it wouldn't even cross my mind to feel bad about itIs it time to change our attitudes?
all life is valuable,thats why every creature has built in self preservation. as for changing human attitude it,s doubtful we are arrogant creatures who think we know best but we know no more than any other beingIs it time to change our attitudes?
I think we should change our attitudes, but it would be impossible to convince all those money-loving buisnessmen of that. It is a beautiful thought, and it has always been my opinion.

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