Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where should I take my Honda CBR F2?

I want to have this bike tuned up as well as the following:

Stage one jet kit

ignition timing

chain and sprocket changed

how much would it approx cost and where would i take it to have it done?

thanxWhere should I take my Honda CBR F2?
Any motorcycle shop in your area should be able to do this job . As far as the cost goes, save yourself some money and do the chain and sprocket job yourself. Any motorcyclist should get familiar with their bike through doing their own work. The techinical stuff like the jet kit and the tuning though I would leave to a good shop. I do not not know what the rates are these days but I had the same bike 5 yrs. ago and it cost me about $100 to have my carbs synched and the bike tuned.Where should I take my Honda CBR F2?
Try and find a Dyno Tune for bikes. They are good for what you want to have done.

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