Thursday, June 2, 2011

How hard is it to change head gaskets on a v6 4runner 90-96??

Ive done it on plenty of 4cylinders but never a v6 and never a truck is it a real pain in the a$s? something that I can do in a few hours? do the heads typically need machining? is there anything tricky to look out for? are they timing chain or belt?

most info with experience doing this job to answer and Ill give you best answer no prob.

thanks in advanceHow hard is it to change head gaskets on a v6 4runner 90-96??
There's a timing chain and it's not too bad but harder then the 4 because there is two sides to a v6. So literally twice as hard. Most of the time you can get away without machining the heads but it really depends on the mileage/how hard they were driven/climate matters too because cold driving tends to warp them. I've also heard it said that if they didn't need to be machined they wouldn't have blown the gasket. Kinda makes sense I guess. I'd say that if you did it alone with a proper garage it could be done in either one really long day or two to three days of 3-4 hours a day. I'd go to the local auto parts store and get a haynes manuel it will walk you through each step with pictures and hints and trouble shooting guide. All for only $20.

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