Thursday, June 2, 2011

Timing belt 03 volvo XC90?

how hard is it to change? can i do this myself? im pretty mechanically inclined. i did rear bearings in same vehicle. also have done a couple timing chains in older cars.i have changed transmissions and swapped out motors.Timing belt 03 volvo XC90?
this is an arduous task that if done wrong will cost really big money to repair.

. the job itself is not much different than say a v-70 t- belt job but you will be doing it in much more cramped conditions in most probably a less than stellar environment.

please purchase a shop manual for this car ,read and study all steps until completely familiar

with every aspect of job BEFORE the first bolt is turned.

patience and careful thought will see you through [if your tool budget isn't blown]

very best of luck.Timing belt 03 volvo XC90?
Uh, no. Special tools are the key, since you have to %26quot;lock%26quot; the crankshaft to prevent the tensioners from getting out of line.
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