Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best Way to Save car fuel?

Does anyone know how to save fuel cost?

Im travel almost 120km per day, so need help to save my fuel consumption..

How often you guys change your timing belt/chain or service your car?Best Way to Save car fuel?
The timing belt has little to do with it. Generally they break before the stretch long enough to degrade performance much. So basically it's either fine or not running, as far as timing is concerned.

How to save gas:

Use your cruise control on the highway. 60-70 mph will get you the best economy in most cars, but it depends on your car. Experiment and find the best cruising speed, and use it.

Proper tire inflation. Check your tires at least every few months, and any time they look low. Inflate them to the owners manual recommendation, or the recommendation on the sidewall of the tire, whichever is lower.

Smooth, gentle acceleration. Generally, you want to be around 2500-3000 rpms while accelerating in most 4 cylinders, maybe 1500-2500 in a larger engine, and as low as possible without lugging the engine while cruising.

Smooth, infrequent braking. Anticipate stops and get off the gas well before them. Coast to decrease speed. Sometimes you can entirely avoid having to stop this way (and restarting once you've stopped is what uses the most fuel) This is dependent upon traffic behind you, of course.

Drive behind trucks on the highway. DO....NOT....TAILGATE them. The truck drivers will hate you, and you're going to be really likely to die. You can be 2 seconds back and still get some benefit from the GIGANTIC hole that a truck punches in the air at 70 mph. (Truckers are also good at finding speed traps and accidents, since they know the roads better than anyone, and they talk to each other. It's a good idea to follow their lead in general.) TWO...SECOND...RULE.

Generally maintain your car.Best Way to Save car fuel?
Don't drive the car.Best Way to Save car fuel?
Tweak you Aerodynamic to make sure your car cuts a clean hole through the air as possible. Tape up cracks and stuff make sure is smooth. Always have windows up....air con use the engine so don't use it. Make sure your car is lightest as possible, including you...wear thinner socks! :P. Don't have junk in the boot.Best Way to Save car fuel?
get a low restriction free flowing intake manifold and exhaust manifold your engine will have to do less work to draw air in because of newtons first law of motion

a thing in motion will stay in the same direction unless applied to by an outside force so the engine has to apply a force to turn the air in the intake pipe and intake manifold (work=force x distance) if the intake pipe and manifold is straighter it doesn't need to apply a force so less work so better mileage

exhaust will need to do less work because it is less restriction so you need less force to force the exhaust gases out the exhaust valve and manifold

free flowing intake and exhaust manifolds with less restriction will allow air to flow better so more air and fuel can go in and out so more powerBest Way to Save car fuel?
Drive at a steady speed without speeding up will help on gas mileage. Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct psi for your car. Timing belt changes and such vary depending on the recommendations for your brand/model/year for your specific car.Best Way to Save car fuel?
get a good tuneup of the engine- replace your filters - could increase your air pressure in tires a little

no racing- no jack rabbit starts- start to coast to a red light,rather then running to the light and then braking

regular 3000 oil changesBest Way to Save car fuel?
first make sure your vehicle is properly tuned up, then check your tires and make sure they are aired up to specs. then clean your vehicle and unload any unnecessary weigt (i.e. those dirty clothes you have in the back, that 30 pairs of shoes and those used snack wrappers), also make sure to clean your car to make it more aerodynamic. also, use your air conditioner rather than rolling down windows.

lastly you need to learn to drive economically. when at a stoplight, start slow and dont try to be the first out of everybody there. if your car is manual, try to shift at the earliest rpm range. if automatic, do not step on the gas pedal too hard, just tap it lightly and wait for the gears to shift.Best Way to Save car fuel?
Keep a tight eye on air pressure of tires (keep as high as you can to lower rolling resistance%26quot;

keep the trunk clean and empty

try to keep your max speed below 70km/hr limitting efects of air resistance

throttle up slowly from a stop

keep your speed as even as you can avoiding full stops as you can

use the best oil you can get with a teflon additive

keep the car in the best state of tune you can

use the best fuel using cheap gas will cost you more becase its low quality.

use the grade gas the manufacture recomendsBest Way to Save car fuel?
to tell you the truth with facts on the line here are my experienced tricks i do, i drive a v6 3.4L car. for aerodynamics, follow a big truck, the reduced drag with make ur car waaaayyy lighter and engine will work easier, i follow about 50 feet on 100km/h speed and saw 30% more mileage. slow down, if you keep revving high your engine will roll faster to pull more gas in a shorter time, keep tachometer as low as possible. take roues with less lights and stop signs, all they do is make you stop, and when u pick up speed again, low gears u have higher rpm requirement thus more fuel wasted. lastly if you waanna spend some dollars upgrade your chip, those things gave me 20 more kms on a 45L full tank, tested and proven.

tc bro!Best Way to Save car fuel?
Keep the car well maintained, Get your oil changed every 3,000 miles, change your air filter every time you change your oil. also make sure that your tire pressure is right because that can cause your gas milage to worsen. And try not to carry to much extra weight in your car. try buying the fuel injection cleaners for like 5 bucks and put it in your has tank before you fill it up do this every time you change your oil also. I bet you will get better gas milage.
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