Thursday, November 18, 2010

1988 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) - timing chain change interval?

I have a 1988 Toyota pickup. This is my first vehicle with a timing chain, as opposed to a timing belt, so I'm not familiar with what kind of servicing the timing chain may need. On my vehicles that had a timing belt, the timing belt had to changed every 60 or 90 thousand miles. I was wondering, is it the same thing for my Toyota pickup that has a timing chain? Am I supposed to change the timing chain after so many miles, like 60k or 90k? Or is the timing chain supposed to last the life of the engine? Or does it need to be checked or adjusted after so many miles? If so, then at how many miles?1988 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) - timing chain change interval?
timing chain should be the life of the engine they do not have to be changed like the timing belt like most manufactures toyota first used chain then went the belt way but have seen the light and changed back to chain Great thinking on there behalf1988 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) - timing chain change interval?
some say 60K some 90K

I owed 2 80's Hilux and changed the belts at 90K with no problems.

New Tacoma's have no timing belt.1988 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) - timing chain change interval?
It is timing belt and 75,000 miles should be changed and a metal sticker will be attatched to block.

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