Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?

I plan on buying one with 250,000 miles. I've heard they will run over 1 million miles. Looking for info,on how often to change timing chain,and how often automatic trans to be rebuilt. I'm afraid of the turbocharged models as the can cost $800. for a turbocharger.Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?
They can last a long time, but a million miles is a lot to hope for. Timing chain should be done if it has more than 2 degrees of stretch, which should work out to about 200K miles. The automatic tranny costs a ton of money if it needs rebuilding (figure $1400, plus installation), but you can find used trannys fairly cheap. The most important thing you can do for the tranny is to regularly change filter and fluid, and make sure the vacuum system is in good order. I'm currently running a turbo 190D with 215K miles, not a hint of a problem with the turbo.Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?
Go for it. My nieghbor has one with 650k+ miles on it.. Finding parts can be a hassle.Any 1980 240d mercedes still running?
Look on ebay or

good luck
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