Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to change my timing chain?

ok guys, i have a 93 buick park avenue i need to replace my timing chain.

What parts will i have to take off to get to the timing cover.What tools will i need. other than that i know how to do it after i get to the timing cover. Please dont tell me to take it to a garage i dont have the money thats why im doin it myself.THANKS FOR THE HELPHow to change my timing chain?
best advice you will get is either take it to someone whos knows or buy a repair manual its not a do at home job for most people sorry but its a tough job and since your not sure how its done most likely your just be wasting your time but if you just have to do it buy a book at autozone or any parts store will what you thru it as for tools best you just buy a set of good ones now and good luck i work on my own cars as does my wife but i dont mess with timing cause its a big painHow to change my timing chain?
This is not the type of job for a novice.

Do you have a friend who is experienced, someone who can help?

However, you can find detailed information at your local library and the auto zone website.

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