Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crankshaft pulley removal on 89 240sx ka24e engine?

ok i plan on changing my timing chain with a new timing kit. i been researching on how to do so but i have a question. i know i have to set the engine to tdc but when i have to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt wont the pulley move making it off tdc. i dont have a torch gun and i plan on removing it with regular hand toolsCrankshaft pulley removal on 89 240sx ka24e engine?
What I used to do is take the starter motor out to expose the teeth on the flywheel. Then shove a piece of wood like a broom handle or something in there to keep the flywheel from moving while you crank on the pulley bolt. Don't use metal, you don't want to break any teeth. Since you are going to be turning the bolt left to loosen, you'll have to wedge the piece of wood in going the opposite direction.Crankshaft pulley removal on 89 240sx ka24e engine?
They have a special tool called a piston stop tool that you screw into your number one spark plug hole. You can pic it up at any auto parts store. After you get the pully off, you can rotate the engine by hand to get back to tdc. When the number one piston touches the tool it will stop. with both valves closed, your at tdc.

You will also need to rent or buy a balancer removal tool, it's the only why to get the balancer off.

If your timing chain broke, have your valves checked for bending
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