Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I replace Timing Belt On Chrysler Lebaron?

I have a 89 Chrysler Lebaron that I am going to change out the timing belt. I have changed many timing chains on 350 chevy's before, but this will be my first belt on a 4 cylinder. Are there line up notches or what?How do I replace Timing Belt On Chrysler Lebaron?
Get a manual for this first thing. It will make it so much easier. This is not a close tolerance engine so no worries. I love doing these usually about two to three hours with no lift. When you get the timing belt cover off. You will see two lines on the cam gear. They are designed to line up to the flat part of the valve cover/ head. The crank gear is also marked it will line up easy. When you see you will understand. If the belt is not broken and just doing for maint. I would mark the belt and gears. Then count the teeth at the marks and put marks on the new belt. That way you know you have the right belt. It will have the same number of teeth. Line every thing up before you pull the old belt off. Mark the top of the cam. I usually use the small bottles of scrath repair paint. But finger nail polish will work. White or red is best. Mark one tooth on the cam and belt. Mark one tooth on the balancer shaft and belt. Do the same for the crank. Remove the old belt. Mark the top mark cam or c. Put a line in same spot on new belt make sure its a tooth. Cound the lines to the balancer shaft mark. Do the same to the new belt mark it. After you mark the crank line count the rest of the teeth to the cam. New belt will be the same or its wrong. I do this when the marks are hard to see or its a close tolerace engine. You cannot mess up with this process. The new belt will have all the marks just line it to the gears. You are done. Do not tightend the timing belt to much or it will whine. Sometimes the whine will go away when the belt stretches. If you have more questions let me know.How do I replace Timing Belt On Chrysler Lebaron?
do yourself a favor and buy a manual for it and it will tell what marks to line upHow do I replace Timing Belt On Chrysler Lebaron?
its a pretty easy one as far as belts go you will ned to take the plastic covers off and unbolt the pasenger side motor mount fromt he chasis

take the crank pully off.. there willbe a mark.. usually a dot on it.. then on the intermediate gear that runs the distributer there willbe a mark also.. afterryou get those lined up take the distributer cap off and verify its pointing correctly

On the top end if its a N/A car there willbe a hole in the upper pully that will line up witht he rubber nub sticking up thru the valve cover line it up there

be sure you do not overtighten the belt they have a tendancy to break if overtightened

also rememebr to manually spin the engine twice to make sure the dots stay lined up and stays at lined up.. Its a non interference engine so there is no worry of accedental damageHow do I replace Timing Belt On Chrysler Lebaron?
If I'm not mistaken that is a V-6 side winder in there, with double overhead cam? It's not an easy job, get a book on it at autozone for 12 bucks, you not only have to line up both cams, and the crank, the water pump is run off of it too, I used every trick I know and it was a bear, no room, no access, not enough hands, it's not like a chevy at all. The serpentine belt goes around it all and all the pulleys have splines on them. Good luck.How do I replace Timing Belt On Chrysler Lebaron?
Yes, if it is a signle cam than it will be a notch on the pulley that lines up with the notch on the block, if it is dual than the notches on the cams line up with eatchother, dont forget to line up the notches on the oil pump and cranshaft also..

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