Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Adjust timing belt on a Car?

I think the timing belt has possibly skipped, i do not know. Its a 1979 Z28 Camaro. I was going to try and replace the belt/chain. Its under the thin cover below the water pump, i do believe. How easy is it to change a timing chain/belt if it has skipped? How do you know where it is supposed to be lined up at? Thanks in advance.Adjust timing belt on a Car?
Pretty easy. It's a chain with no adjustment. You can get a timing chain set for a reasonable price at the parts store.Adjust timing belt on a Car?
that car has a chain........and if anything it has stretched........and that is one of the easiest style to change....still requires some work tho.... and hoses if necessary(hoses are radiator usually is) remove water pump......remove timing cover .....remove chain and gears.......replace chain and gears with new chain and gears....make sure its a double roller....most are....

if u want specifics look up any car show on google and they will have an episode of them changing or installing chain on that motor......

or search u-tube sure their are some vids...Adjust timing belt on a Car?
There are usually some marks on the crankshaft and camshaft gear that should line up with marks on the chain. The two dots on the crank and cam should perfectly line up with one another. No harm in removing the cover and having a look.Adjust timing belt on a Car?
Get your self a mechanic that has done this before and save yourself some headaches.

This requires dismantling the engine, including draining the water/anti freeze and taking off water pump, hoses, air conditioning, fan, probably take off or loosen power steering, and taking off the grill and radiator, and so on. And you might need a damper puller to remove the damper.

And then you will need to change your oil, completely, since anti freeze will leak into it when you take the belt cover off.

If you put the chain on wrong, your car may never start. Or you could damage the pistons or valves.

Leave it up to the pros.

If you think you can do it, get yourself a manual that shows you how step by step, to do it. And borrow the tools, or rent them, so that it can be done right.Adjust timing belt on a Car?
I would strongly say that either get a repair manual for it and do alot of reading up on it if your not in a hurry so you understand how to do it or find someone that can do it or take it to a shop if you can afford a shop to do it.It sounds like your not machanical inclined.

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