Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?

Is this part of a mjor tunup and on an average how much would a major engine tune up cost ? I;m in Houton,TxHow would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?
i have to say this much, i would not wait for a sign for it to wear out, replace it based on mileage which is usually 60,000-80,000 miles from what i have seen. i say it that way because there are two typed of engines out there, interference and non. because you did not give us a make i can not tell you if yours is or not. if it is a honda, then id bet that it is an interference.

ill let you know what that means the interference engine. if the timing belt lets go, then the path that the valve train and pistons travel intersect in such a fashion that great internal damage will occur. you could end up having to replace the head and or rebuilding the lower end.How would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?
Have a 2K Acura TL. Maintenance requirement states a need to have the timing belt changed at 60K miles. Cost me five hundred clams cause of other related work that may as well be done such as water pump, serpentine, tensioner, etc. I had it done because it was my wife's car and did not want to take any chance. The car could have continue to run forever without replacing the timing belt but if does go, you're SOL. No symptom when timing belts has to be changed only when it breaks and boy you will know it fast. I had a Nissan 200SX which lasted 250K miles without the timing belt breaking. The timing mechanism in my Ranger PU is a chain as opposed to a belt. Owners Manual does not say anything that the chain have to be replaced within a certain period or mileage. I think it was a lousy design just to get more work for the mechanics.How would i know if my timing chain needed to be changed ?
normally done at a certain amount of miles. ppl dont really just do them though. beware, if the engine has low clearance valves it will damage the heads if the timing belt/chain breaks or jumps. i would definately check service specs to see when the timing belt/chain should be done and just do it.

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