Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?

I'm getting a Ford KA 1.3 year 2000 (W Reg) petrol

Does this car have a cambelt or a timing chain how often does this need changing?

How much does it cost to service ?

also is it normal for Ka's to be quite a loud drive?

thanksFord KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?
Ford Ka's have timing chains, not cam-belts and you shouldn't really change the timing chain unless you're advised to, you can cause problems by changing them there's nothing wrong with them.

I've had two Ka's both bought in very good condition and I've looked after them, and both have been very noisy. Ford's are much noisier than most other makes, but I love my Ka to bits. Services aren't usually very expensive at all.

They're not too noisy in residential areas when below 55-60mph but at high speeds a plane engine would probably be quieter! Have a listen from outside the car, if there are any strange noises like rattling metal you should get it checked out. But with general engine noise, Ka's are loud.Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?
The Ford KA is chain driven, no change interval. One of the very few.

Cost about 拢130.00 for a full service.

Loud as in what? Engine, road?

Is you exhaust okay? If it檚 tapping/banging from the engine take it in.Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?
timing chain but does require adjustment to stop it rattling special tools needed to adjust itFord KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?
I am not sure whether ka are cambelt or have a timing chain although they should not be loud to drive, i have driven ka's and they are not loud from my experience. It is possible that the timing chain may need replacing if it uses one, this costs 拢100 for the chain new (that's for a corsa though) and 拢100 labour that was the cheapest that i found. They need replacing ever 60000-70000 miles as far as i am aware.Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?
The Ka uses an ancient pushrod OHV engine, which uses a short timing chain to the camshaft which is mounted in the block, not the cylinder head as in OHC engines.

As for your additional info - YES! They're a very 'clattery' engine, they sound like an absolute bag of nails, but this can be significantly improved by correctly adjusting the valve clearances (cheap %26amp; simple job).Ford KA 1.3 2000.. cambelt or timing chain?
it has a timing chain which sounds like it needs adjusting but it could be something else as these engines are usually very quiet.

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