Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vauxhall Agila timing chain?

Has anyone had problems with the timing chain on the Agila

Mine was changed in 2006 when the car was recalled, now what I want to know is how long does a timing chain suppose to last as I am getting conflicting reports that they have been snapping when I thought that chains would last the life of the engine.

I have only done 23000 mile since the change.Vauxhall Agila timing chain?
a chain should last at least 100,000 miles its not so much that the chain snaps they usually stretch due too poor materials used too manufacture them and jump the timming but you get plenty of notice as it will start too rattle for many thousands of miles before jumping you shouldnt need too worry about your chain again once the recall is carried outVauxhall Agila timing chain?
Not sure how long they say a chain should last. A belt, which generally doesn't last a long is usually good for 60,000+ miles, so I would guess that the chain should last at least as long.

It probably can't be expected to last the lifetime of the engine as it is a moving part and will wear and also stretch (as chains do).

Give your dealer a ring, they will tell you.Vauxhall Agila timing chain?
They only need changing once they get noisy. So don't worry.

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