Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chevy 305 timing chain help?

im changing the timing chain in my monte ss. i got everything apart and off and its all lined up correctly.i cant get the new chain on.i got the crank gear on and when i go to put the cam gear and the chain on it wont go on.i lined them up dot to dot and i cant get it to go on the peg to line far back does the crank gear get pressed on?does it go all the way back and touch the block? the cam gear and chain are just about on the peg but in wont go on...its like the chain is a little short...thanks n advanceChevy 305 timing chain help?
Not short,just tight (if it's the right one).Easiest way is have a friend help you put both sprockets and chain on at same time.Start the crank gear then push both gears on at once.Lots of luck.Make sure crank gear %26quot;key%26quot; doesn't fall out.Chevy 305 timing chain help?
i think i know your problem. if you got the crank gear on too far then the cam gear won,t go on. pull the crank gear back some and see if the cam gear will go on.

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