Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?

hello guys, i really need help because a lot of people are telling me that the problem my mustang 2000 has its the timing chain, i believe thats the reason my car will not start, everything else works fine, i have sparks everywhere in my car, and the battery is brand new and so are the spark plugs..

now i need to know whats the difference between a timing chain and the timing belt? and will my car turn on after i change or adjust the part??,

which one is the problem, and how much would it cost to get the part new or used, doesnt matter,

also my car is automatic and it has 153,xxx miles in it, my engine will turn but wont start, and ive changed the oil as well, can anyone please help meTiming chain on a mustang 2000 v6?
Your car is past the due time for a timing belt replacement, a timing chain and belt runs from the crank to the camshaft in order for the valves to open and close at the proper time. It is not a job for the faint of heart, or a novice mechanic, it requires radiator shroud removal, radiator, fans, alternator, A/C compressor, and loosening the power steering pump, removal of the water pump (replace it while you're in there. Then you remove the balance wheel on the crank (change the oil seal there too) then you are ready to get to the timing belt. If you think it's a job you want to tackle e-mail me or get a carters manual at autozone.Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?
get your car to a mechanic and let them have a look. Don't try to mess around with the timing yourself.Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?
If you checked the presense of spark at the spark plug, then why are you going to mess with the timing belt/chain. If the timing belt/chain broke you wouldn't be getting spark.Timing chain on a mustang 2000 v6?
first things first there a difference from a chain and a belt one is made of iron and a belt is made of rubber but both do the same thing another thing is that on fords there is a cold role pine that goes into the distributer drive gear and some time this brakes or false out and your distributer dont turn the road ore any more so you might just like to check that out before you jump in to change out the gears and chain or belt much less expensive to replace the pin and reset the timing of your car and takes less time to do the job but if you are apsalutly sure that the belt or chain is bad by all means get new parts for it dont bother whit used

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