Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to change timing chain on a Chevy S-10?

I am mechanically minded but I am not sure how to change this out. Is there a website with a diagram? Litlle Help would go along way. THANKS!!!How to change timing chain on a Chevy S-10?
Sane and tirespoke have given you some pretty good general advice, but I'm guessing you're looking for more detailed advice (you know, like %26quot;disconnect your negative battery cable%26quot; before you start, so you don't fry all your wiring because you short circuit some wires), and something specific to your vehicle, so you won't be wondering what all that stuff is under your cam gear on a '95 or later.(It's for the balance shaft). has free repair guides that are pretty much the same as a Chilton's. They should have one for your vehicle since it's old enough to need a timing chain. Just go there and register, enter the info into the vehicle profile, click %26quot;repair info%26quot; and %26quot;view repair guides%26quot;. Then the link for Engine %26amp; Engine Overhaul.

From there you'll see links for the Alternator under Engine Electrical , and most of the other stuff under Engine Mechanical. Go there first, then click Timing Chain And Gears, and whenever it says %26quot;remove this%26quot; or remove that%26quot; in the instructions for that, backtrack to the instructions for that part through the links in the box on the left, which is on every page.How to change timing chain on a Chevy S-10?
Its a fairly detailed process. A Chiltons manual would be very helpful in giving step by step instruction.

Its not an easy task in that its a bit time consuming. You need to remove the coolant, radiator, hoses, fan, water pump, and anything else that's blocking you from removing the timing chain cover. You'll need a damper puller to get to the lower part. Then you have to remove the crank sprocket to get the old chain off. You'll need to get the crank and cam lined up time wise with the marks on each, then install the new chain making sure the marks are properly aligned. Then reassemble everything.How to change timing chain on a Chevy S-10?
Go to you tube, type in the info you want and there will be videos telling you how to do it.How to change timing chain on a Chevy S-10?
pull off front dress of engine (water pump, pulleys, harmonic balancer, etc) to get access to the timing cover.

pull off the timing cover and the timing chain will be staring you in the face. put harmonic balancer bolt in and rotate crankshaft using old timing set and distributor cap off. when distributor is pointing to 1 spark plug the dots on the gears should either line up or be very close.

pull off old timing set and put new one on. finish adjusting them so both gear dots are pointing to each other and distributor should be relatively close to 1 position. put timing cover back on with new gaskets. put front dress back on (put a new water pump on while you have it apart).

loosen distributor bolt and crank engine up. might need to rotate the distributor a little. pull the spout connector out or remove the vacuum advance line and set base timing to factory spec. hook the vac advance or spout back up and take it for a drive.
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