Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1973 3/4 ton dodge. 360 Engine overhaul it or get a used one???

What is the best to do?? my truck smokes just a little bit when it starts. blue smoke. the 1973 dodge truck is still good and strong, but i want to start doing some preventive maint. before the engine wears out tooo much. How hard is it to overhaul that motor. Its a 360 w/a 2 barrel carb. not much on the motor. I am a shade tree mechanic. I have redone my own timing chains, engine removals and installs, change out the intake manifold. But i never overhauled and engine. i know what the main bearings looks like, pistons, cams, connecting rods, oil pumps. Is it hard to overhaul a motor. what would be the hardest thing to do in the overhaul process?? And, does someone know of a website for old model dodge trucks. I will forever be grateful to you if u can help me.1973 3/4 ton dodge. 360 Engine overhaul it or get a used one???
These use an umbrella type valve seal that doesn't wear.

The oil at start up is more likely your valve guides getting worn.

This shouldn't cause any problems other than the smoke and usually doesn't get worse very quickly.

The overhaul of the engine is not too hard.

There are some special tools needed and you will need a good overhaul manual.

Plasigage all bearing clearances and tprque all bolts.

The biggest enemy of yours will be dirt.

Cleaning all the oil passages and parts is the biggest job.1973 3/4 ton dodge. 360 Engine overhaul it or get a used one???
The blue smoke when starting is most likely the valve stem seals. If the engine still runs strong otherwise, I wouldn't take it out. Just check the oil regularly and keep going. If it starts smoking all the time or using lots of oil, then I'd think about an overhaul. Replacing the valve stem seals is a tricky procedure. Find a mechanic you trust and ask him about it.

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