Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Should i buy this mustang?

Hey im lookin into buying a 2000 mustang with the base model V6 motor. it has 110,000 miles and i can get it for 4 thousand dollars. Has a new clutch, timing chain so it doesnt need 2 be replaced for a while i figure, new tires, new front brakes, and clean interior. Oil was alright (looked dark enough for me to change it in a couple hundred miles) It had 3 owners. Drives good when i test drove it Given that that vehicle was maintained how much longer will it last me?Should i buy this mustang?
I used to own an 01, loved that car.

I think you should look for a lower price, given the mileage. But if the condition of the body and paint are good? I think it is worth the money. if you buy, try and save up for some future repairs.

I have no idea how long it can last? Depends on your driving style and how well the car was mainained in the past.Should i buy this mustang?
You should get a car that has a little less mileage than that. You can find cars around that price with lower mileage and with only one previous owner (which is better). Also, go on to make sure you aren't being cheated for the price.

A good site to find cars is

Good luckShould i buy this mustang?
4k dollars for a v6? **** that, i just picked up a toy car for $3650, 96 z28, 90k miles. you can put a helluva good down payment for a sn95 cobra, or buy a sn95 gt or even a fox gt for 4k.

i paid 1500 for my 6 and 500 to swap it over, 15000 to get it where it is now, broke down with some dents.Should i buy this mustang?
You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here -

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