Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Overhaul, replace, or just pray it'll last another 3 years?

We have a 1997 Geo Metro with 214,000 miles on it. It has a 1-liter, 3cyl engine and a manual transmission. The oil has been changed regularly, and it has a new radiator, water pump, and timing chain. We also had to replace the carburetor a few years ago. The gas mileage used to be great, but has dropped considerably. It's not making any funny noises. The body's in good shape.

Our problem is this: because of the high mileage, we're afraid the thing is going to die on us at any time. We can't afford another car for at least another 3 years. Would it be worth it to overhaul or replace the engine? How much time would that buy us? We're hoping that will be cheaper than buying a used car--which we can't do right now either.

I don't like the thing, but it does go well in snow and used to get fantastic gas mileage. Would overhauling/replacing the engine bring that back?

Sorry if I've left anything out. I am clueless when it comes to automobile repair.Overhaul, replace, or just pray it%26039;ll last another 3 years?
i would say (deepending on the drop in gas millage) just drive it for the next couple of years cuz i know for a fact that engine/parts for geo's r expenciv as hell cuf they dont make the parts ne more cuz nobody else uses that engine/tranny combo. i know (from experance) that a tranny rebuild is about 3-4 grand cuz when it needed the parts for the rebuild they had to order %26quot;custom%26quot; clutch plates cuz like i said no one makes em any more and no one had any in stock. so i would be a little weary about getting it rebuilt cuz there may be some hidden fee's when the shop finds out that no one has had parts in stock for that engine for 5 years. then youl have a partialy disasembled engine and you still have to pay for that labor even tho they cant fix it. so i would just drive it till it dies or maybe find a good used junk yard motor and hope that it is less worn than your'sOverhaul, replace, or just pray it%26039;ll last another 3 years?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Take the money you were willing to spend and put in a %26quot;new car%26quot; fund. When it finally gives out, then you will money saved up for a down payment.Overhaul, replace, or just pray it%26039;ll last another 3 years?
hi I havent a clue what a geo.metro is as im in europe ..but i know a little about motors and at that kind of milage its time to change .either the engine or vehicle .as you havent much cash and idea might be to source a similer type motor with less milage and then you could keep the existing motor for spares in future.Overhaul, replace, or just pray it%26039;ll last another 3 years?
Just drive it..Overhaul, replace, or just pray it%26039;ll last another 3 years?
You can get the engine rebuilt by a professional for around 2500 dollars. Me personally, I would just drive it or take that 2500 and put it down on a new car.Overhaul, replace, or just pray it%26039;ll last another 3 years?
Don't fix it if it isn't broken. You've taken care of it, drive it. Too many people are scared when cars get high mileage. No need to worry if you've kept it up which it sounds like you have. By the way, your car has a timing belt, not a chain.

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