Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How can i make my dog change ??

i'm not a good owner, i've had my dog my about 5 years now. it gets feed maybe 3 times a week at least.. its chained up to the corner of the house and barks at every stranger it sees. it gets baths maybe once every 3 months..

i want to be really good buddies with my dog now for sure. but i don't think it likes me anymore. when i feed it and just pass by it looks and me and growls because she's eating and i hate to see it.

how can i make my dog like me again and strangers ?How can i make my dog change ??
If you want your dog to change, you have to change. First, give your dog two meals a day or free feed it every single day(Try putting reminder notes somewhere in your house where you know you'll see it). Second, sit down and talk to it, spend some time with him/her. Third, if he(I'll refer to it as a boy)won't bite you, brush him(gently), stroke him(gently)and give him treats. Fourth, give him more room to walk, you can get him a dog run or buy a kennel or longer chain(does he have a doghouse?). Fifth, Ask friends and family to help with the stranger issue, have them come over one by one and give him treats, he needs to know strangers are not enemies. Sixth, when you feel ready, take him for walks, make sure he gets his excersize. If he is not trained well in walking, take him to obedience classes(make sure he is not dog aggresive). And seventh, Be patient, this will take some time but if you do it right and are serious about changing, it'll be worth it in the end :).How can i make my dog change ??
your dog should be fed daily. thats just plain cruel. i would suggest letting someone else that will have the time an patients be the new owner of your dog. i'm sure it needs a lot of work.How can i make my dog change ??
You're a flippin' careless idiot. Give the dog to the humane society. IT would be better off.How can i make my dog change ??
Poor dog..How can i make my dog change ??
Too late.. you messed up big time.How can i make my dog change ??
well get one of your friends to come over and walk up to your dog and make sure your dog doesn't bite your friend so just do that once maybe every 3 days and maybe let your friend give him a treat so that the dog gets used to getting treats for being goodHow can i make my dog change ??
Get a dog trainer or watch The dog whisperer on National Geographics on Fridays at 8.00 pm. Be carefull he is frustrated . Dont pet him . Feed him dayly twice a day if he is not a puppy.How can i make my dog change ??
You don't provide proper care to your dog. You don't train or play with your dog. Also, you should feed your dog at least once a day and bathe him/her at least once a month. Please don't chain up your dog. He/She may build up aggressive. When that happen, your dog may attach anybody. Can you afford all of these?

P.S. If you want your dog to like you, you have to spend more time with him/her. If you want your dog to like strangers, don't chain him/her up and socialize your poor dog.How can i make my dog change ??
Go to Cesar Millan! or watch his show called the dog whissperer, its on the national geographic channel. hes awesome!

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