Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fan clutch blowed up?

I have a 1990 F350 Crew Cab Long Bed(it turns as sharp as a freight train) with the stock fuel injected 351w. About a month ago it stalled, I re-cranked it and there was a whole series of bad sounds under the hood. I turned the key off immediately and pulled it back into my driveway with a chain.

From what I can tell it looks like the fan clutch literally exploded and a piece of it shot through the water pump and into the timing cover.

Its probably a good thing it happened because the water pump was probably about due to be changed and as I got in there I realized the timing chain was worn, and since a piece of fan clutch dropped into the oil pan I had to pull the oil pan which needed a new gasket. Had to pull the plenum to get the motor high enough to change the oil pan gasket so i needed a new plenum gasket too. Also realized it was time for motor mounts and valve cover gaskets and complete tune-up. Anyways the truck is back together and runs great and sounds great... well it sounds great everywhere except from the driver seat. lol the tailpipes are about 20 feet behind my head so I cant hear how beautiful my straight pipes sound from all the way up front. The truck has no catalytic convertors from the factory- I guess it counted as being a heavy duty truck and was exempt from certain emissions laws?

Anyways my question is this.... Anyone other than me ever heard of a fan clutch breaking the water pump and timing cover? I know a lot of mechanics and no one believes me. In my dirt track racing days ive seen plenty of fans come loose and hit the radiator but not the water pump and timing cover.Fan clutch blowed up?
I've never heard of it happening but when something is spinning over 1000 RPMs, anything can happen when something breaks loose.

I knew a guy got killed from a grinding wheel coming apart because he was grinding on the flat side of it. A piece went through his forehead.

Like I said, RPMs and breaking apart cause weird things to happen.Fan clutch blowed up?
Never heard of it.

Most fan clutches are an oil chamber, and almost can't cause a problem. The worst they do is bind and stop slipping as they are supposed to. This does not sound like an oil hydrostatic clutch. I have seen clutches that were electric, but I don't see how they could blow either. I would love to see the pieces.Fan clutch blowed up?
in over 49 years id have to say that is a first

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