Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How you get the CD ROM back on the chain, it's gone?

The old 98se guy again, was uninstalling some old .app's, some were from 10 years old %26amp; were freezing up %26amp; I was twinning out my machine. All of a sudden a promp came up asking me if I to change to daylight saving time %26amp; clicked yes %26amp; wham, I was thrown back in time again to 1999, I was panicking not another time warp. So went I set the clock back the present %26amp; rebooted my CD ROM couldn't be found, that was the boot screen said, so I went to install new hardware but the CD ROM I had wasn't on the list, so installed one of the CD ROM in there %26amp; it worked, but windows still look's for it, how do I get to change to the one in there.

Just to let you guy's know the problem with my SONY VAIO was the router was confused, with MS querrys to install SP3, I was on my dial-up %26amp; on my 98se and on DSL on my SONY VAIO, all I had was resat it %26amp; every thing was fine, who knew???/ I got SP3 it was 300 MB's. Here's a trick you can write a program call it windows shutdown, it's user.exe/shutdown/windows/ %26amp; it will do it the right, way. 2 for me.How you get the CD ROM back on the chain, it%26039;s gone?
I remember what I did with 98 when it started ignoring my CD-ROM

Shut down power off

Unplug the data cable and boot up

Shut down power off

Plug in the data cable


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