Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How can I check the firing order on the coil?

My car hasn't started in over a week. I changed the plugs wires and starter. Now it cranks as fast as it should, but it will suddenly slam to a stop. Like a dumba** I had pulled all the wires off at once, and got my firing order out of chiltons. I checked the timing belt and it was fine, but there are two timing chains for the DOHC on the back that I havnt looked at yet (tomorrow's project). It's possible that one jumped or broke when I was cranking it in the cold (10 below), but I'm really hoping it's just a plug firing on the upstroke.

The former owner clearly thought he knew more than the team of engineers who designed the wiring harness, and I dont know what else he did. Could he have modified the computer to change the firing order? Is there any way I can just put a voltmeter on the coil to check it?How can I check the firing order on the coil?
The first thing I would recommend is to check to see if engine is

mechanically OK?

You will need to remove all of the spark plugs, disconnect the battery

( to kill fuel pump and Injectors and spark), now take a 1/2 inch torque wrench and place the torque wrench and proper size socket on the crankshaft bolt, and see if you can turn the engine 360 degrees ( a whole revolution) without going over 40 Ft.lbs of torque.

If you get to a spot where the torque required to turn becomes excessive, then you have a mechanical failure?

If the engine turns freely, then you start your diagnosis.

Most firing orders on DIS (distibutorless Ignition Systems) were 165432

Or 123456, 1 being on the outbourd side if car (near the radiator).

The number 1 cylinder should be marked on the coil pack.

The cylinder arraingement should also be marked on the coil pack.

Good luckHow can I check the firing order on the coil?
yes you can check the coil but it doesn't have a firing order. the distributor has an order. there is a mark on your harmonic dampener, line that mark up with the timing mark. take off the cap. where ever the rotor is pointing is cylinder number 1.How can I check the firing order on the coil?
Make sure the firering is right cannot alter fire order to check the coil put the 1 spark plug on cars valve cover and look for spark it doesnt matter if its 10 below or 90F

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