Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do i get rid of a scar?

A few weeks ago i was burnt by the end of the exhaust pipe on my moped.It left a small circular burn on my arm ( i was changing the chain on it). Anyways it has pretty much healed over but there is still almost a red circle on my arm.I don't know if it is a scar or if it is still not fully healen. Will this circle dissapear over time or is there a way to rid the scar?How do i get rid of a scar?
It's probably not a scar yet. Massage cocoa butter into it several times a day, and it should fade. If it doesn't, try a stronger OTC remedy, like Mederma for scars.How do i get rid of a scar?
It will probably disappear over time. Otherwise, it will be a great conversation piece. How do i get rid of a scar?
i have a burn mark on my arm frum a punk (those hot stick things used 4 fireworks) and it wont go away! i got it in july!!How do i get rid of a scar?
bio oil works for scars i guessHow do i get rid of a scar?
just rub it and it will go away eventully

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