Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whats happening to music??? ?

what is happening to todays music? all the new music sucks... even artist 10 years ago are coming out with cd's that suck compared to there old music. Tool, Deftones, Alice in chains, Korn, Dr Dre, Metallica, Led zeppelin, the Beatles, Megadeth, rolling stones, Rage against the machine..........In the past ten years it seems like there is just a bunch of crappy rap music for kids and panic at the disco and fallout boy..... I just don't see what has happened to the good music...Anybody? How can time change how good music is? Whats happening to music??? ?
One word............Ni-ggaz.

Not racist but at this point its hard to compete against the Tpains, Lil Waynes, Chris Brown, Rhianna, and other wanna-be-gangsta/ghetto/trick nasties out there keeping those iPods filled, clubs blazin, etc. Kids nowadays feel they have to be %26quot;urban%26quot;. Hopefully its just a fad thatll pass. SOON.Whats happening to music??? ?
let's face it, crappy music appeals to the masses. 3 chords and a couple witty lyrics can get you a grammy now-days.Whats happening to music??? ?
Offer and demand. There's lots of young kids with money to spend, that are looking for music they identify with, so that's what sells. That does not mean there is not good music out there, you just have to find what appeals to you and start from there. Indie music is still good, and there are quite a few indie artists who will only play/sing if they can feel the music. Keep on searching!Whats happening to music??? ?
I know i agree completely with you.

Music nowadays is all about

1)people making money out of crappy songs

2) young people getting famous easily

Even many of today's kids are agreeing that music from decades past was much better than what's on the radio these days.

%26quot;In the rap, hip-hop, and pop genre has gone to **** in the last seven to eight years. It's all a bunch of prepackaged crap now! I think the music kings have finally run out of ideas. 95% of the music sucks now%26quot;

But i think that it's all going to change soon

With new music like Duffy and Amy Winehouse kinda of back to the roots sorta stuff.Whats happening to music??? ?
What do you do when mainstream sucks? Look underground of course, check out Between The Buried and Me their colors album...even if you don't love metal it's very clear that every one of them is extremely talented, plus they compose all their music. It's worth it believe me, they saved me when I thought the exact same things that you do now.Whats happening to music??? ?

Do you even know how many times a day this question is asked in here? Go whine about it elsewhere. If you're not bothered to even search for good music, then I can't be bothered to recommend good music to you.Whats happening to music??? ?
I feel the same. These days all there is is rap and pretty boy %26quot;rock%26quot; like falloutboy and panic at the disco.

I don't even need to explain why rap sucks ***...

But the problem I have with today's rock is it is emotionless and every song sounds the same. Panic at the Disco especially! They use the same rhythm techniques and same tone of voice for every freaking song and that's what bugs me.

Be glad we all still recognize good bands, and look forward to the day that we will forget about the shiyat they play today. I'm hoping that day will come soon, and it probably will. Look at popular rap songs from a few years ago. Gone! Luckily!!!! Soulja Boy will die soon, and I think that will make rock more popuplar.

What's funny is all these sucky bands are getting attention! I have heard a few random bands that just play at local gigs and they kick ***! I even started a band and we are %26quot;bringing back music%26quot;. Just hope all of us who believe in realy music succeed and revive it.

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