Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why was my crucifix unknowingly removed from my necklace?

In the past few months, my crucifix (my grandma gave me- she is still alive btw) has been removed from the chain which I never take off (it is gold). In order for the cross to come off, I would have to remove the chain from my neck, slide the cross off, then place it back on...

I have my own room and one roommate who never comes in my room. So I know it's not a prank.

I did not know it was gone the first time, until I found it under my bed when I was changing the sheets. I thought maybe my chain broke. However, my chain wasn't broken! it was still intact on my neck. I examined the cross, and the loop which connects it to the chain was also unharmed. strange... okay. I ignored it and just place it back on my chain.

2 months later, my roommate knocks on my door and hands me my cross. he said he found it in the hallway. again, the chain is on my neck. cross is fine.

i had my mother take it to a jeweler to have it examined and fixed if needed. they said there was nothing wrong with it and there is no reason for it to come off.

again, I do not ever remove my chain/cross.

In addition to this, the chain had broke one time while I was changing into a sweater and the zipper caught onto it. it then was missing a link. I was VERY angry to the point I was hitting myself. Out of nowhere, I heard a %26quot;ding%26quot; hit my closet door (I was on my bed). low and was the missing link in my chain. I got that fixed.

So, I don't know whether to be concerned or not. I read on wikipedia that the Brown scapular saves people from hell if they die wearing it. however, if the person is unrepentful sinner, the scapular will be removed spontaneously from him/her at death.

I am in school and don't attend church much anymore. I don't feel I have lost my faith, but I know I have sometimes had doubt in God due to various things: why would a loving god allow children to be raped and killed? why can't he stop that? how could he see a child crying for mercy, being killing and do nothing to stop their pain..and the pain of the families after their death?

I am so occupied with school. i used to be religious (not a fanatic though). I want be at peace again, but school is overwhelming and is needed to survive in this tough economical world we live in.

advice is appreciated. thank youWhy was my crucifix unknowingly removed from my necklace?
God would not remove your crucifix. If you really were in such a bad light in his eyes, which I don't believe you are, he would want the crucifix around your neck as a way to lead you back. Sinners walk around every day wearing not only crucifixes, but sometimes priest robes. So, no, this is not God's way of forsaking you. If it is indeed God, he is more likely trying to get your attention and make you think about where you are spiritually.

Not attending church due to something like school is understandable, and if it is a sin at all, it is venial. God would not condemn you for something so small as this, and of all the reasons not to attend, education is one of the more noble. If you seek God out he will be there, and if you cannot seek Him out He will wait until you are ready. God loves us all and is very patient when we have other things going on in our lives that distract from Him.

Don't worry. I'm sure it is nothing sinister. Feel free to pm me if you have any concerns about God or any other strange occurences. I'd be happy to help you through what sounds like a spiritually trying time.Why was my crucifix unknowingly removed from my necklace?
oh i had a good laugh at that one...Why was my crucifix unknowingly removed from my necklace?
fairys got to be fairysWhy was my crucifix unknowingly removed from my necklace?
maybe it is a sign to be religious againWhy was my crucifix unknowingly removed from my necklace?
I'm sure it was very difficult to make up that story, kudos to you.

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