Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why does my bike chain keep clicking?

Every time I cycle on my bike it makes a clicking sort of noise on each full turn of the pedals. It is fairly regular in that it appears to occur at the same place on each turn and if I'm going slower there are less clicks than when I'm going faster.

Can anyone suggest what is wrong? Also any advice on how I can fix it myself would be appreciated (as the only bike shop in my town has just closed down). If you need any more information please just ask.

P.S. the bike is well cared for and the chain is well oiled. The clicking doesn't just occur while changing gears etc but all the timeWhy does my bike chain keep clicking?
If this occurs at same point no matter what rear gear you are in it is not the chain, rear cassette or derailleur. The problem is crank related, most likely a worn out bottom bracket or a damaged gear.

You can isolate if it is a gear by does it do it in all the crank gears or only one, if all then it's the bottom bracket.

For the repair: does my bike chain keep clicking?
Check if the derailleur is bent in anyway, it could be hitting the derailleur cage on each roatation causing it to click. Could also be a stiff link in the chain, go round the chain with hands pulling each link up and down to see if each link move freely. Failing that see if all the teeth on both your cassette and your chainrings arent all worn out or broken, could be the chain slight slipping on a broken tooth.

Failling that, is it more of a creaking noise?

If it is it could be anything from cracked frame to loose pedals of seatpost grease.Why does my bike chain keep clicking?
I once had that problem. It was that the front derailleur needed to be adjusted so that it was just a drop higher on the seatpost. The derailleur was slightly hitting one of the ramps on the inside of the chain ring. Observe very carefully what happens when the pedal reaches the %26quot;click%26quot; position.


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