Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oil problems?

i have a 73 el camino with a basic 350., TH350. tranny. out of the front of the moter i have oil comin out of my timing chain cover when i drive it hard. i replaced all the gaskets on the moter and they show good, what kind of seal is in the front of the motor, how hard is it to change it.Oil problems?
You're going to need a special puller to get the harmonic balancer off, then do like Beth says. On THAT motor, you will also need to remove the oil pan before the timing cover will come off.Oil problems?
You remove the timing cover and replace the seal, it isn't hard to do. Make sure the surface of the damper that rides on the seal is smooth and put a little grease on the seal and damper when you put the damper on.

Also make sure it isn't leaking oil out of one of the bolt holes next to the fuel pump. All the holes there need short bolts even if they hold nothing. Actually check the bolts before you take off the timing cover.

Good luckOil problems?
It's a normal everyday gasket. You could use paper, cork, silicone. You have to remove the water pump to get too it.

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