Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why do my parents favor my brother and not me?

First, i think you need to know about me. I'm 13, about 5, 10 or 6 feet tall. I think the latter is right. I have lil' of a mustache, my hair is dirty blonde. And i wear almost always all black, and a chain necklace. And NO! i am not emo, nor am i %26quot;goth%26quot;. I have good manners, im kind, and helpful. But my brother is the complete opposite. He doesnt care how he looks, he is rude, disgusting, he changed clothes like 3 times a week. He is older than me, by three years. He is also a dirty blonde. He is a jerk in general, but he seems socially more succesful than me. My parents, seem to favor him more than me. Whenever i do something wrong, they yell/ground/hit me. My brother however, never gets grounded, or hit. He also gets to do alot more things than me. He goes to rated %26quot;R%26quot; movies with his friends at 11pm. I cant even see a movie if its past 8pm. I have to go to bed at 8pm. My brother can go to bed whenever he wants. Im out of room now. Read details below.Why do my parents favor my brother and not me?
My bother thought this and it is the way a child re acts to the Mother and Father for every action a re actionWhy do my parents favor my brother and not me?
because you complain to much

also, he put in his time. it's your turn to do choresWhy do my parents favor my brother and not me?
I think your parents are harder on you because they expect more from you. They know your brother is immature %26amp; irresponsible %26amp; maybe they feel it's too late for him. So they are going overboard on you trying to have complete control %26amp; really tough love in hopes that you will become someone great. I don't think that your parents should be this hard on you %26amp; that lax on your brother, but I guess that's the only thing that they know what to do. Could you talk to them without your brother around and tell them how you feel %26amp; see if you guys can work out some kind of compromise? Have you ever been in trouble before - with cops or school - if so, than that's a little different.Why do my parents favor my brother and not me?
It's because he is older, and allowed more freedom.

Just keep being good, and you will have freedoms as well.

You may want to sort of note the things he is allowed to do, so you can reasonably ask for the same privileges when you reach the same age.

Trust me---they love you too...but maybe they feel he needs more attention because you are such a good kid!

(that actually is what happened to my oldest son, but I never knew he felt like that until so much later...maybe you should talk to them or wrtite a letter to them.)Why do my parents favor my brother and not me?
I think your parents don't know any better. In my opinion, they're making a mistake by treating you that way. Don't get me wrong, I do think they love you, they just don't know how to deal with you, especially when you're so different from your brother. I think that with time your parents will get to know you better and as you get older, they'll realize you have a good personality and will treat you accordingly. Also, I think they know your brother is not all that great but they feel powerless as to help him change, so they just let him do whatever he wants to do because they feel they won't make a difference in his life by trying to change the way he is. In fact now that I think about it I think they might be preventing you from becoming your brother, they think all the discipline will stop that from happening. The thing is, your parents are only human, and I think you're mature enough to understand that, but don't ever think any of this has to do with you, because it isn't your fault.Why do my parents favor my brother and not me?
If you are describing your brother correctly theres two reasons: A) He's 3 years older- which means he gets more responsibilitys such as driving, and girls. B)Believe it or not, he's acting like most teenagers do- sullen, confused, angry (at no specific target) and might even be using drugs. (I hope not)

You are 13 years old,,,,you'll find out when the times right. Just hang tight for 5 years- and don't have a g/f until you're 25. (Your personality will change every year until you're about 26 and the girl you like now might be the one you can't stand next year)Why do my parents favor my brother and not me?
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