Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My ttr-125 is messed up.?

My TTR was doing fine and running good and starts up first kick then i was riding one of my Buddy's down a short little road in first gear and then my bike make this really weird noise and it sounds like something is rattling in the engine so i kill it and take it home and i looked in the inside and it had low oil so i changed the oil and started it back up and still makes the same noise so i sent it to one of my friends friends and he thought it was the timing chain so he took it apart and that was ok so now hes saying that it needs a new crank bearing + have to split cases to do that i was wondering how much would this cost and does this happen to a lot of people?My ttr-125 is messed up.?
Talkin quite a bit of money, atleast 500 in labour..

Doesn't happen to many people who know how to properly maintain a dirtbike correctly.

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