Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have you ever herd of hipolitical?

I'm a rapper who just started a group called hipolitical. I wrote these bars for a song I'm fabricated in a studio as we speak. Do you feel what I wrote?what don't you agree with?

problems eventually,

they gonna fade away

just for now

to all eternity

but problems cause a

chain of reactions,

people make action,

and then history happen

like a group of pilgrims

sailing to a better land,

infected wit greed,

like a party of republicans,

writing up those deeds,

claiming ownership to motherland

religion birthed the Taliban,

they just dudes confused like i am

its was survival of fittest

in earths nature,

but now its who can get the richest

in our human nature,

u would think logic

would be taught in college,

but college is a business

its only taught for private profit,

its time for change obama said it,

but **** wont change if you don't let it,

you only care about

you and your own,

but we connected

thats how societies grown,

they say weed smokers lazy

i guess our world is stonedHave you ever herd of hipolitical?
I have never heard the term hipolitical but you have a lot talent.

Politically I am not sure I agree with everything you are saying but it is well thought out and cleverly written and as an American I support your right to express yourself.

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