Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are scheduled maintenance's really that important?

Toyota has a whole list of scheduled maintenance for our 1999 Avalon. We are told that the valves SHOULD be adjusted, but just how important is that adjustment since it is quite expensive. We have 179K miles on it and seems to be running fine. While realizing maint. is necessary and we do a lot with hoses, timing chain etc. every time we turn around there is another suggested maint. Oil changes are regular. I know they make money on maint/repairs, so is this just a way to get customers in. It just seems that Toyota is over zealous in this area. So car people what do you think? ThanksAre scheduled maintenance%26039;s really that important?
the valves are hydraulic and don't need adjustment.

the timing belt needs to be replaced every 80k

oil changes every 5k with regularoil, synthetic you can go 10k, but change the filter at 5k.

the 35,45,60k checks are a waste of money. I can check 40% on their %26quot;checkoff%26quot; sheet without opening the hood.

you also do NOT have and shouldn't goto the dealer for these services. they charge more and can (and do) use intimidation to get you to have services performed, or whatever replaced because they think they can.

an independant repair shop needs to earn your business, they're more likely to be honest, as word of mouth is their advertising.

And.. anybody can change a timing belt.

never let the dealer tell you your tire tread is to low and they can't let the car leave unless you buy new tires. Tell them that you want your car NOW.. or the police will be called because they are illegally holding your car. then say, if your lie was true, you'd be able to show proof. Also if you want, say the bureau of automotive repair will be notified of this as well. Here in CA, the BAR actually does something about a complaint.

easy maintenance tip:

every oil change, add a bottle of fuel injector cleaner.

once a year, put a bottle of valve medic (by Gunk) or CD2's oil detergent or half a bottle of Seafoam (put the other half into the gas tank).

These will help break up any sludge in the motor and will ensure the valves are cleaned.

Never use fram filters, use Wix or Purolator .Are scheduled maintenance%26039;s really that important?
Since your car has a high amount of mileage, I would suggest that you get the valve problem checked out. Valves are one of the most important components of the engine and any damage to them could cause your entire engine to fail. Toyota might appear overzealous but that is just one of the reasons that their cars get such high ratings.Are scheduled maintenance%26039;s really that important?
They are important. as Toyota is not the best make of car and use cheap parts under %26quot;name brands%26quot;

I wouldn't let any dealer touch their car concerning the bills.

they charge 80 dollars PLUS for labor(any car dealer in the US)

If you want a normal maintenance routine try taking it to a different mechanic shop (they are usually cheaper and actually use good parts)Are scheduled maintenance%26039;s really that important?
Well, you're putting about 18k mikes a year on your vehicle. It seems like it has been good to you. Be good back. Take care of it so it can go another 200k. Do you get your Flu shots. Does the little woman get Pap Smears and breast exams. Same thing; preventative medicine. It's a case of pay me now, or pay me later, your choice.Are scheduled maintenance%26039;s really that important?
I change my oil whenever we get a new President. I like to save money.
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