Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Help plaese with a 1997 cavalier?

i went to murrays and they told me my 1997 cavalier needed a new timing chain because it doesnt have a belt right?well i need directions on how to change it please helpHelp plaese with a 1997 cavalier?
If it is not making a rattling noise at idle, I would not change it. It will start to rattle at idle when it gets worn. Those don't wear out too often. Timing belts need replacement as part of maintanence schedule, chains last longer and sometimes never need to be replaced..Incidently, a tensioner is also part of the chain-gear setup and should be changed also if you must change it.Help plaese with a 1997 cavalier?
murrays is trying to make money on you the timing chain will most likely outlast the rest of the car don't botherHelp plaese with a 1997 cavalier?
What ! Murry's IDIOT told you that ??? Murry's is not a license. repair shop and is in state violation if they told you this..

I don't care if they say certified or not state law says that license repair shop must give you a written est. for repair.

parts store are not repair shop..

Have it ck buy a repair shop before you buy anything...

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