Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BMX/FREESTYLE chain getting loose all the time? help plzz?!?!?

I have a 08 haro intro lite great bike recommend it its light. only problem is, is the my chain Always gets loose so i have to carry ina backpack some tools to Always pull back the wheel.No matter how hard i tighten it it moves the er something to put IN THE BACK WHEEL where it wont move up and losen the chain, or changing the smaller sprocket/ taking a link off and moving the wheel all the way forward? idk plzz i do BMX freestyle everyday its ticking me off. Also my cranks keeps clicking? but thats not the major problem right now but if u know what to do or what im talking about plzz help me thanks A lot!BMX/FREESTYLE chain getting loose all the time? help plzz?!?!?
Taking out a link would probably be your best bet, but don't take out too many because then you will just need a new one. If that doesn't work, then get axle blocks. They aren't too expensive and they work good. As far as your crank clicking, that is usually normal, but try and take it apart and clean it all out, then tighten it really good when you put it back on, but don't strip it because cranks are expensive.BMX/FREESTYLE chain getting loose all the time? help plzz?!?!?
well if you dont mind a little extra weight go buy some chain tensioners from a bike shop...theyr tiny maybe a pound with both of them...and what they do is they go on the axle of the wheel and clip to the frame and you tighten it to where you want it. with that the tire wont be moving back and forth.....if not...maybe try some star washers and tighten that nut all the shouldn slide with that either...but the best bet id say is the chain tensioners if its that serious of occurrence.

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