Thursday, September 22, 2011


I won't know if im pregnant until 2 weeks time, theres a good chance i am as i had unprotected sex, where the guy ejaculated in me on the day i was most fertile. i'm 16, almost 17 going to college next month to study travel and tourism. i was just thinking ahead and wondering if theres anyone out there whose had a baby at a simular age and how much did it change their life. i want to move to turkey after my course has ended and get a job as a holiday rep or something to do with the hotel chain. but will i be able to acheive this if i have a baby? i would have an abortion if i cant carry out any of my dreams. i know thats selfish but if i was to have the baby the dad is not going to be involved. he blames it all on me that i could be pregnant and he said i have to get rid of it otherwise he's not going to be involved. so i think its best if it did turn out im pregnant to get rid of it? help please! no judgingHOW MUCH WOULD MY LIFE CHANGE IF I HAD A BABY?
You have no idea how much time good parenting takes and if you don't have a partner it is all you. No time for studying, hanging out with your friends - it is a time consuming job.

Oh yeah - why do you want to be involved with someone who says they will dump you if you are pregnant? Sounds like a peach of a guy!

Birth control. It works wonders.HOW MUCH WOULD MY LIFE CHANGE IF I HAD A BABY?
Well im not going to tell you how much its going to change your life, considering the fact that you would kill a little baby jsut because things arent going to be about YOU anymore. A baby isnt something that you just %26quot;get rid of%26quot; its a human being too and your just acting like its a piece of trash, if it gets in your way your just goin to throw it away, thats how your acting. If you cant handle what can come out of sex then you dont need to be having sex and you really need to quit being so selfish. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control. Dont want a baby? Dont spread your legs or have protectionHOW MUCH WOULD MY LIFE CHANGE IF I HAD A BABY?
its not a huge change, your life doesnt just do a 360 and you dont just have to give your life up like alot of people say. yes you do have a child to care for and look after and you have to do more family things as well but you dont have to give up your life. we are expecting and yes i did have to put things on hold until the baby i fully plan on continuing life after shes here. she'll just have to come with me and my husband will have to babysit alot lol but it doesnt just ruin your goals. anything you can do before a baby you can do after

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