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98 saturn 4cyl, black and white smoke when starting?

after the car sits overnight, i get the black and white smoke when starting , i have to rev the engine for 15 sec(or it will die), then it runs fine all day. Im guessing oil is getting in the cylinder and then it burns off and then runs normal? im getting worse gas mileage, ive changed spark plugs,valvecover gasket,pcv valve, I also have a slight hesitation when taking off from a stop . when i had the valve cover off i checked the chain connected to the dohc(no slack) is this the timing chain? How do i adjust timing, the distributer cap does not do it. i believe im running rich on gas, and maybe oil getting in the cylinder? thanks in advance for info98 saturn 4cyl, black and white smoke when starting?
White smoke: White smoke is caused by water and or antifreeze entering the cylinder, and the engine trying to burn it with the fuel. The white smoke is steam. There are special gaskets (head gaskets are the primary gaskets) that keep the antifreeze from entering the cylinder area. The cylinder is where the fuel and air mixture are being compressed and burned. Any amount of antifreeze that enters this area will produce a white steam that will be present at the tailpipe area.

If white smoke is present, check to see if the proper amount of antifreeze is inside the radiator and the overflow bottle. Also check to see if antifreeze has contaminated the engine oil. You can look at the engine oil dipstick, or look at the under side of the engine oil filler cap. If the oil is contaminated with antifreeze, it will have the appearance of a chocolate milkshake. Do not start the engine if the oil is contaminated with antifreeze, as serious internal engine damage can result.

How did antifreeze get in the oil or cylinder in the first place? The engine probably overheated and a head gasket failed due to excessive heat, thus allowing antifreeze to enter the cylinder (Where it is not meant to be).

Blue Smoke: Blue smoke is caused by engine oil entering the cylinder area and being burned along with the fuel air mixture. As with the white smoke, just a small drop of oil leaking into the cylinder can produce blue smoke out the tailpipe. Blue smoke is more likely in older or higher mileage vehicles than newer cars with fewer miles.

How did the engine oil get inside the cylinder in the first place? The car has many seals, gaskets, and O-rings that are designed to keep the engine oil from entering the cylinder, and one of them has failed. If too much oil leaks into the cylinder and fouls the spark plug, it will cause a misfire (engine miss) in that cylinder, and the spark plug will have to be replaced or cleaned of the oil. Using thicker weight engine oil or an oil additive designed to reduce oil leaks might help reduce the amount of oil leaking into the cylinder.

Black Smoke: Black smoke is caused by excess fuel that has entered the cylinder area and cannot be burned completely. Another term for excess fuel is %26quot;running rich.%26quot; Poor fuel mileage is also a common complaint when black smoke comes out of the tailpipe. Black smoke out the tailpipe is the least cause for alarm. Excess fuel will usually effect engine performance, reduce fuel economy, and produce a fuel odor.

How did the fuel get into the cylinder in the first place? Some of the causes of excess fuel are a carburetor that is out of adjustment, a faulty fuel pump, a leaky fuel injector, or a faulty engine computer or computer sensor. If black smoke is present, check the engine oil as in the white smoke example to make sure excess fuel has not contaminated it. Do not start the engine if a heavy, raw fuel smell can be detected in the engine oil. Call your mechanic and advise him of what you have found. 98 saturn 4cyl, black and white smoke when starting?
NEVER replace any part till you KNOW the problem. Don't mess with the distributor. The computer (ecm) takes care of the timing.. Sounds like you have leaking injectors. Bluish smoke is oil. White smoke is antifreeze or condensation from cold climate.98 saturn 4cyl, black and white smoke when starting?
You should have told us the mileage too I guess 100,000.-- anyway ,I suspect valve stem seals.-if the valve stem seals are bad ,oil seeps down the valve stem into the cylinder after the eng, cools and is burnt when restarted..also suggest doing compression check to see if one cylinder is lower than the others. when you checked the spark plugs what did you see? Did you pull the out to see if there was any fouling from the oil in the cylinders? This could cause the missing.. put in new plugs if any fouling--would also effect mileage.NEWW QUESTION CAN YOU DO COMPRESSION CHECK you can borrow mine(ha ha) to rule out a prob with rings? Now im also suspecting a sensor problem that will screw up your cold starting by giving the computer the wrong info like, air temp or eng. temp. and the computer gives the eng. wrong amount of fuel. a bad sensor can tell the comp that is 30 degree below zero and add to much fuel. also i mite pull out the sensor on the exhaust pipe to look. the rich fuel and oil may have fouled it. and false reading. What do you other guys think? one more remove you inline fuel filter and empty into a jar to see if there is any water coming from your tank..if you dont buy a lot of fuel or keep your tank level low.. You can build up water in te tank from condensation. also from gas station storage tank.---LOOK HERE AGAIN

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