Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do I change my Army Psychiatrist? Can I stop seeing him?

I am in the Army and have been seeing an Army Psychiatrist for a while now. Seeing him was conditional upon my discharge from the hospital. He keeps waving the words Medical Evaluation Board in my face every time I go to see him. He also argues with me about the same thing every time I go to see him. Sufficed to say, he is irritating me. He claims that the medication that got me admitted to the hospital triggered a psychological defect I already had. I know myself, and I know that I am not crazy and that it was definitely the medicine that made me crazy. Can I just tell him to %26quot;F%26quot; off and stop seeing him? Can he make me come back using my chain of command? I don't mind changing to someone else, but if they keep talking about MEBs, I would like to just stop altogether as that is not a road I would like to go down. Do I have the right to stop seeing psychiatrists??? Do I have the right to change psychiatrists??? Better yet, are there any resources out there regarding fighting a MEB? And also, are there any good web sites documenting the side effects of CELEXA? Thanks.How do I change my Army Psychiatrist? Can I stop seeing him?
I would think that you would deffinatly have the right to choose your phychiatrist. I wouldn't go as far as telling him to f off but politely and calmly explain what is going on to someone of higher athority and that deals with that and they should deffinatly help you out.

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