Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I own a 2001 Chrysler Sebring which also has the 2.7L. Can the 3.2 swap be made on this as well?

To: Steve H.

Our chryler has been very well maintained. The initlial motor had over 80,000 miles. We were told that the 2.7L was a junk motor the first time we had it replaced. There is a problem with oil sludge build up. And there is also a problem with the timing chain tensioner not getting the lubrication it requires. I am not an expert and may have worder this incorrectly. But these are the things I understand.

On my rebuild, I was changing the oil every 2,500 miles and using syntex oil as directed by the place that replaced the old engine.

Sorry I didn't reply to your answer. I have no idea how to respond to these answers.I own a 2001 Chrysler Sebring which also has the 2.7L. Can the 3.2 swap be made on this as well?
yeah those are just common problems with the 2.7 motor. basically its a flaw in the design that dodge/chrysler never fixed. now if you had a motor completely rebuilt, its best to use non-synthetic oil for the fist few oil changes....prob say 5. its what ive always done after a rebuild. then switch to a synthetic/conventional mix.....a couple of time before switching to full synthetic.....and using seafoam or lucas in with the oil will prevent the oil from sludging up, and works very well.

now as of switching the motor out for the 3.2l yes it can be done.... BUT... you would prob have to fabricate one or two of the exsisting mounts in order for it to work. and then again theres the question of if the transmission you have now would be a direct fit to the 3.2...prob not. so befor you replace this motor with the 3.2 you want to make sure you have the motor, trans, ecu and wiring for the motor, and axles for this motor/trans. now if you already have this, the next step that you need to do is find a reputable shop that will install this motor into your car. as the wiring will differ some and not intirely sure if the motor will drop right in. any of these problems can be solved by them....suggest looking for a shop that specializes in performance/aftermarket. these shops specialize in motor swaps with hondas/toyota/nissans and so on. so if the motor wasn't a direct drop they can solve this as i really cant without seeing the engine bay of your car and the new motor you want to put in there. and they would be able to get the parts or have the parts fabbricated into the car.
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