Thursday, September 22, 2011

What do you think ofmy second rap ?

Been growing up in a dump this aint how it should be this life style aint good cant you see

I gotta head out this hood find some new s--t for me

And my lifes been changing right before my eyes

It seems like a dream but what if its all lies

This s--ts for real thers no way it cant be true

Ill be rappin till I die you know how I do

Ive been to the illest parties they were off the chain

Getting drunk every night over and over again

Cant get enough of this **** see its so edicting

Who can blame me though the parties were so b---hing


Am just trying to change my life no more parties every night

Am just trying to change my life no more smoking weed right

Am just trying to change my life not gonna carry anymore knifes

Am gonna live it how a want it to be


Its funny seeing cops round 24/7

I mean I f--ked up once but I was only eleven

Messed up pretty bad didn檛 kn ow what to do

So me and my home boys might be ****** now too

Its time for a change no more living in the past

Just to prove now Ive even stopped smoking grass

But nobodys perfect people living a lie

Cant you see am just trying to live my piece of s--t life



Its strange looking back seeing what I did wrong

I should of went to school that day instead I hit that bong

ever since then its been downhill

Instead of working hard I decided to smoke and chill

Cracked open a beer and rolled a joint

I could of went to school but didn檛 see the point

But that lifes behind me aint gonna live it no more

No more closing just opening doors



But theres still one problem something you cant see

Af been caged in this life and cant break free

I tried that new life **** but I didn檛 work out

Now am back selling weed to high school dropouts

Its hard on the streets theres no one you can trust

But you get used to s--t eventully you adjust

You start carrying a knife it makes you feel safe

We all know it doesn檛 it檚 the fashion in this place

But theres still one thing I don檛 want this life

It檚 the only thing I know but its not worth the fight


Thanks for reading what did you think ?What do you think ofmy second rap ?
i like the 2nd and 4th versesWhat do you think ofmy second rap ?
well ask yourself. if it was really good, would you be discovered or not?

i thought it was ok to pretty goodWhat do you think ofmy second rap ?
Best **** ever!

totally show it gurls you likeWhat do you think ofmy second rap ?
LMFAOOO! wow, thats actually not tht bad. it sound like some Drake %26amp;nn Kanye shxt lol.

i like it =]

if this rap made it big; ima say i knew it before it even came ouhtt ^_^

yu got somee skillss - but is that alll true?!

cause if it is? damn **** yu got some life story lmaoo .What do you think ofmy second rap ?
I like it,,it's good,,,,but I really would like to hear rap without the cussing,,my grand-kids like rap and I have to screen what they hear because of the cussing and if the story is sex related,,(the story line is good also),,Yours isn't that's one of the reasons I like it,,,,I would buy it if it didn't have the cussing,,,,,Keep it up!!!!!!What do you think ofmy second rap ?
its koo but u shouldnt post ur lyrics on here someone mite try 2 steel it

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