Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do i replace 1990 chevrolet ck1500 4.3 oil adapter gasket?

i replaced timing chain on the truck, and to get the timing cover back on i had to drop the oil pan. since i had the oil pan off i replaced the oil pump, normal volume not the high volume. i've got everything back together and oil appears to be leaking from the oil filter adapter, where it bolts to block. i had to remove the adapter to change the oil pan and i could not locate a gasket at the parts store, and since i read online it doesnt need a gasket i just cleaned it as best i could and bolted it back up. it appears to have some kind of o ring or something inside it. i was told that the truck had a leak at the rear main seal, but when i took off the flywheel cover it appeared fairly clean inside. my question is this: how do i properly reinstall the oil filter adapter so it won't leak (btw there is NO oil cooler), and could the oil filter adapter have been the problem instead of the rear main? thanks for any helpHow do i replace 1990 chevrolet ck1500 4.3 oil adapter gasket?
The oil filter adapter may well have an O ring and a gasket, which have a great tendancy to leak when at higher milage. Both should be changed.

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