Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Should i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?

Hey im lookin into buying a 2000 mustang with the base model V6 motor. it has 110,000 miles and i can get it for $3,500. Has a new clutch, timing chain so it doesnt need 2 be replaced for a while i figure, new tires, new front brakes, and clean interior. Oil was alright (looked dark enough for me to change it in a couple hundred miles) It had 3 owners. Drives good when i test drove it Given that that vehicle was maintained how much longer will it last me?Should i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
I own a 2004 mustang... I'm not too sure about this one. 10 years old, 3 owners, 110,000 miles... price is a bit too high with the mileage. Wish I was there to see it with you. With the age and the miles, things will start going bad on it before too long. Nature of the beast. Knock a few hundred bucks off of it, talk him down to under a grand. Try and find things wrong with it and point them out to the owner. Has it ever been wrecked? Is there a maintenance record? What's the blue book value? Good luck.Should i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
NO NO NO you should not the V-6 mustang is junk to me every mustang is junk but the man i love owns one and is rebuilding it so V8 V8 V8 the V6s r junk trust meShould i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
Dude! Buy that car! I own a 2002 mustab V6 and it has 103,000 miles on it when i bought it. For the price that thier asking for it is a defeint steal!! Just make sure you keep up with the maitnence. Change the oil and spark plugs and coil wires. Make sure you take care of it and it should last 3 or 4 years. If it hasnt been wrecked and everything is fine then youre in good shape!!Should i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - carquotes.sinfree.netShould i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
You would be better off sucking dick cause the v6 has no balls and when people see a v6 mustang they think%26quot; PEICE OF ****!!!!%26quot; i know i do! But a mustang is supposed to be a muscle car and the new ones are starting to turn into economy piles of ****!!!Should i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
With the information you've given. I would say that's a steal for 3500. Definitely get it.

If you do proper maintenance on it yourself it should last another 10 years easy.Should i buy this 2000 V6 mustang?
sounds like a decent buy, and ignore all these V8 idiots

(you get them every time you say %26quot;V6%26quot;)

They're obviously not real mustang fans (or smart) any informed fan would know V6's are what sell the most and keep the mustang (and their precious V8 versions) affordable and in production. If they just made V8 versions the costs would go up and the mustang would turn into something like the viper where it would be a limited run and not really be cost effective to keep in production very long.

Not to mention there were years when V8 mustangs were a joke (like the 70's) which is probably why I had to mod the hell out of my 72 Mach to get any actual performance out of it. lol
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