Thursday, September 22, 2011

I dont know how to make friends.?

okay, i know that sounds a little sad, but its true.

i can start off a friendship pretty well, talking, sharing the spotlight, making people like me etc...

but after a while everyone that i have ever been friends with has made sure that i am not a tall poppy, that i am the bottom of the food chain in terms of respect amongst friends.

insults and small joking punches is usually how it starts, because i seem to have become a pacifist in recent years, and i have never been good at comebacks to nasty remarks, joking or not.

the next step is actual attacks at my status in the group, or calling me gay and spreading rumours.

then, finally, people start to copy what the others are doing and soon after i am universally either hated or disrespected by every single one of my friends.

this has been going on all my life, and i have changed schools seven times due to these issues. i am sixteen this year.

i am generally pleased with myself, i dont consider myself to be amazingly attractive, only average. i believe myself to have an average intellect, enough to hold an intelligent conversation but not enough to pass eleventh grade physics. i am a patriotic australian, i occasionally drink alcohol to excess, and i have had three girlfriends since sixth grade. i never make a big deal out of anything, and i am rather loud and passionate in conversations involving opinions.

can you think of anything i can do that might help me make friends that respect me for more than six months at a time?I dont know how to make friends.?
You are doing something wrong, if you want long-term friends, but cannot keep them (remember, not everyone wants or needs long-term friends. It`s not a given).

It sounds to me as if you take yourself too seriously. And this might be your archille`s heel that they hone in on. You should learn to relax and laugh at yourself occasionally: just don`t take things so seriously.

So when you lose these `friends` who actually loses who? Do you lose them, or do they lose you!?

What I mean is, at what stage do you think you have lost them - why this decision. Why don`t you just have fun and stick around with them anyway?I dont know how to make friends.?
they dont know make frineds with u i guess

plus that u chose wrong peopleI dont know how to make friends.?
I see a problem with a person drinking to excess. Also everyone has an opinion, but getting loud is not a way to make a point. I feel if you respect yourself and others you should be able to sustain a friendship. If these people start rumors about you they may not be worth having as friends. Good luck and don't get discouraged.I dont know how to make friends.?
I used to get laughed at too and I was unable to know how to answer them. Ignoring them is probably the best you can do, but if it gets too bad, I suggest you talk to the dean or your counselor, because that's what they are there for. It's probaby time to talk to them already.

Besides that pray. Pray all the time. Don't try to get attention that might bring on laughing. Just be yourself and pray before you leave for school. Meditate on the word of God. Read 1 chapter in Psalm every morning before going to school. Another thing to read is Starting Your Day Right,%26quot; by Joyce Meyer. If you need to read it on the Internet, I'll give you a link:

Join that web site, then join %26quot;Going Higher Bible club%26quot; and you will see the new devotionals in there every day and youcan read some of the old ones too any time.

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