Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do I know ?

how do I know if my car needs a timing belt , if my car has a chain .does it mean I dont need to change it till it breaks .. and if it breaks wat can happen to my car ... will I have an accident or wat? and where can I find timing belt in the car ?

Car detail is as follow:

Mazda 1996 626 106,000MILEHow do I know ?
Replace a belt if you don't know when it was changed last. It is located on the right side of your engine compartment behind a plastic cover behind the other car belts. Remove this cover with a Phillips screwdriver or 10 mm socket to inspect it. A broken belt can cause a $1600 Valve and head resurfacing job. An accident will depend on your ability to control the car with a frozen engine. A $200 timing belt job is well worth the lack of headaches it could become. I know out of personal experience.

Good Luck and hope this helpsHow do I know ?
call the parts dept...geezzzze most cars call 4 belt at 60.000 to 80,000 ...chains u dont changeHow do I know ?
Timing belts should be changed @ about 90,000 miles.. you will notice, it will spudder and just act funny or sometimes stall.. i would get it replaced if you haven't in those 106,000 miles.How do I know ?
ask a dealership if you're car has a belt or chain. If it's a belt, they can tell you at what mileage to change it.How do I know ?
autozoneHow do I know ?
The belt should be chanced now. They are normally changed at 60,000 miles.

If the belt breaks at highway speed, the engine will be destroyed. May or may not cause a traffic accident, depending on how well you handle the emergency.

A belt breaking at speed will definitely cause an accident in your jeans :) .How do I know ?
If its a California car, it should have been replaced @ 105,000 miles. If it's a 49 state car, 60,000 miles. If your timing belt breaks, you have an interference engine. You will most likely to damage your valves and pistons (that's $$$$$$ in plain English), and your car will stop running.

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